Bolivar Bolivar

Strength: Full

Simon Bolivar was a powerful General of the 19th century who freed much of South America from Spanish rule. 

In 1901, seventy-one years after his death, the Rocha company in Havana began producing this brand. The brand, like the figure himself, is blended to be strong and robust. 

Not recommended for new cigar smokers.

Cohiba Cohiba

Strength: Full

Cohiba, Fidel Castros preferred brand, was created in 1966 as Havanas premier brand for diplomatic purposes. 

Since 1982, it was offered to the public in three sizes: Lanceros, Coronas Especiales and Panetelas. In 1989, three more sizes were added to complete the classic line namely: Esplendidos, Robustos and Exquisitos. 

In 1992, the following five sizes were further made in order to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the discovery of Cuba in 1492: Siglo I, II, III, IV and V.

Cuaba Cuaba

Strength: Medium to Full

Cuabas are irregularly shaped cigars- pointed at both ends - which we call Figurados and which made Havana world famous at the end of the 19th century. 

These cigars offer bold flavors.

Fonseca Fonseca

Strength: Mild- good for beginners

Fonseca was created in the 1890s by the handsome Don Francisco.

Caring about appearance and attention to detail he dressed all his cigars in delicate, silk tissue paper, a practice which continues to this day. The delicate wrapping also helps to maintain an optimal humidity level and serves as a protection against possible damage to the cigar.

Hoyo de Monterrey Hoyo de Monterrey

Strength: Medium

Jose Gener was growing tobacco before creating his brand ' Hoyo de Monterrey' in 1865.

In 1970 the "Le Hoyo" series was launched in response to demands for a richer tasting line of cigars. Indeed. Le Hoyo is known for its distinctive, rich, complex flavor and taste.

H. Upmann H. Upmann

Strength: Light to Medium

Herman Upmann was a German banker who loved Cuban cigars so much that he moved to Havana in 1844. He set up shop as a banker and cigar maker. In the early 1920s his bank closed but his cigar making lives on.

Gold medals from various exhibitions as well as his personal signature adorn each box.

An elegant cigar.

Jose L. Piedra Jose L. Piedra

Strength: Medium to full

Jose L. Piedra was created in 1880 by Vicente and Jose Lamadrid. The leaves used are grown in aregion where tobacco has been grown since the 16th Century.

The packaging is simple but the taste is typically Cuban.

Juan Lopez Juan Lopez

Strength: Medium

In the 1870s Juan Lopez Diaz, a Spanish businessman, founded the brand.

The full range is totally hand made , one of the few still to do so.

Its flavor is consistent, rich and woody. Although attractive to all it's mostly appreciated by the aficionado. Truly one of the best Cuban cigars made.

Montecristo Montecristo

Strength: Medium to Full

Launched in 1935 by the H. Upmann factory as a tribute to the Count of Monte Cristo - the cigar smoking hero of Alexandre Dumas novel.

Montecristo first just had 5 sizes in its line: I-V. Others were eventually and gradually added from the 1970s. 

Montecristo's balanced blend and distinguished aroma appeal to all level smokers making it the most popular brand in the world.

Partagas Partagas

Strength: Full

Launched in 1845 by Don Jaime when he opened his Partagas factory, which became the most famous cigar factory of all time. 

The cigars are made with rich blends of tobaccos contributing to its mark of deep, strong, earthy flavor.

A true great.

Punch Punch

Strength: Medium

Punch was created in 1840 by Don Manuel Lopez of J. Valle & Co predominantly for the British market. The name came from their humorous magazine, which was portrayed by the comic "Mr Punch". 

Mr Punch, cigar in hand, surrounded by 19th century images of cigar crafting still adorns each box.

Its popularity led Winston Churchill to visit the factory and giving his name to one of the sizes of this brand.

Quai DOrsay Quai DOrsay

Strength: Light

The brand was created in 1970 with the French market in mind.

Quai DOrsay was named after the famous street, part of the left bank of the Seine in Paris.

The range is made of light (Claro) to mid brown (Colorado Claro) wrappers as preferred by the French and the flavor is smooth and light.

Ramon Allones Ramon Allones

Strength: Full

The brand was founded by Ramon Allones, a Spanish immigrant, in 1837. 

He was the first to decorate his boxes with labels and his brand's logo henceforth setting the trend as we know it today. 

The taste of the blend is intense and complex. The blend created by its founder remains until today.

Romeo y Julieta Romeo y Julieta

Strength: Medium

Founded by Alvarez y Garcia in 1875 and named after Shakespeare's tragic lovers- Romeo Y Julieta. 

The brand rose to fame in 1903 under the direction of a talented promoter- Don 'Pepin'.

In 1946 when Winston Churchill- a lover of the brand- visited Havana his name was not only commemorated on a band but also served to describe the most famous size- the Churchill.

A classic medium bodied cigar composed of well balanced, aromatic blends of fine selected tobaccos.

San Cristobal San Cristobal

Strength: Light to medium

San Cristobal was the original name given to Cuba's capital city today known as Havana. When the city was founded in 1519 the name was given in honor of Christopher Columbus hence San Cristobal (St Christopher).

The brand was launched in 1999 with just a handful of sizes- all of which offering light to medium flavors.

Trinidad Trinidad

Strength: Medium

Once Havana's mystery brand, the Trinidad was used for gift purposes by the Cuban Government for many years. In 1998, the Trinidad was launched to the public in just one size, the Fundadores. Made at Cohiba's exclusive El Laguito factory, this unusual size cigar offers a nutty, rich, medium flavoured smoke.

Vegueros Vegueros
It is a tradition in the Vuelta Abajo region for the vegueros (farmers) to make their own cigars. Visitors to this part of Pinar del Rio province often want to try these cigars made in the land where the best tobacco in the world is grown. As a result, in 1996, the brand called Vegueros was introduced to the market as a tribute to the countless generations that have cultivated tobacco in Pinar del Rio. It has a special intensity in its blend that reflects the tastes of the local people. It is made at the “Francisco Donatien” factory in a sturdy building located in the centre of Pinar del Rio city that was built in 1868 and converted into a cigar factory in 1961. All sizes are "totalmente a mano, tripa larga" - totally hand made, long filler.
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